Customized Extractions Designed
for You


We start by taking the time to understand our customer’s short-term and long-term goals or their business.


Our team is all about matching the perfect solution for our customers by understanding their goals and the final product they are producing and selling. We specialise in drop-in turn-key solutions.


Next, working with our in-house science team, led by a 20-year DuPont senior research scientist, we will help you match the solutions we develop for you that will become the foundation of the finished products you are making and selling.


Our extraction process is vertically integrated. We guarantee the quality of our products because we control the quality of our systems and inputs, in-house. We use only the best organic ingredients to make your formulated products

Extraction services

  • Toll contracts
  • Split contracts
  • Hybrid arrangements

AgroRefiner provides competitive and flexible extraction services contracts to meet your needs. From raw extract to fully finished products, AgroRefiner has the capacity and capability to provide complete extraction services.

finishing services


  • AgroRefiner can take any winterized crude and refine it into distillate

THC Remediation for Compliant Oil

  • AgroRefiner can take any winterized crude or distillate and remediate the THC to < 0.3%

THC Remediation for THC Free Oil

  • AgroRefiner can take any winterized crude or distillate and remediate the THC to 0.0%


  • Achieve the same consistency from batch to batch

product development

formulation & manufacturing

Product Development

  • AgroRefiner is constantly researching, developing and innovating new products. We work directly with you to ensure you get the product you want. Rapid prototyping results in immediate feedback.

Product Formulation

  • Work directly with the AgroRefiner Chief Chemist to explore new formulations. Bring you ideas, we will bring ours, and together we can create something new.

Product Manufacturing

  • AgroRefiner can manufacture your products and deliver either in bulk form or in packaging that you specify (white label).